Returning to Eden

We all know the story of Adam and Eve. God breaths life into Adam, Adam’s rib becomes Eve, Eve sins and Adam doesn’t want to be alone so he decides it’s okay to sin as well. The things we do for love …sigh. 

Well long story short they were given the old boot out of paradise and were never allowed to go back. Since that day mankind has become a sinful people with one big stinky attitude. Yes all of us, even if all you see is a perfect “angel” in the mirror  ( I use that term quite loosely ). We all have moments where we gave serious Tude to someone, whether it was a friend, a parent, or someone we didn’t even know.

Aren’t you glad Jesus loves us? So passionately, so immensely that He sacrificed Himself on that cross for not only just your sins and your attitude, but also for the person you so graciously force fed a piece of your mind to just a minute ago?

Now in Gen. 3:8 it says God walked in the cool of the day with them.He walked with  Abraham also Gen. 17:1, don’t forget Enoch Gen 5:21-24, and Noah Gen. 6:9. GodThe Almighty King and Creator of literally EVERYTHING took time each and every day to walk with His creation. That is intense love! But wait there is more!

God loved us so much that in John 3:16 it records that He gave His only Son for us, Christ Jesus, not willing that any should perish but that ALL receive eternal life….now this is the same God that cast judgement on Adam and Eve. This isn’t a different God, He is not two face from batman and He deffiniatly is not wishy-washy.

Think of it this way. Imagine a boy/or girl taking a cookie from the cookie jar, now this isn’t bad we all love our sweets, but just beforehand Dad said no cookies. Somehow those words in some manner didn’t process or you just didn’t care, you wanted that cookie and you wanted it now. Than from across the kitchen Dad appears….duh duh duh.

Next thing you know you are getting what you believe is corporal punishment, death row, you have like the most uncool parents ever. It was just a cookie! Yet, dad said no and that means no. Now let’s go back to Adam and Eve. God said you can eat every thing that is here. You see all this? It’s yours! Oh, one thing don’t touch that one right there in the middle, okay kids have fun. Now God said no, and what did they do? The first thing they were told not to. Therefore God, our heavenly father disciplined them, like a good parent disciplines a child. Not for abuse but for correction, in order to teach obedience.

It is because God loves us that He disciplines us, or should I say disciples us. He loves us so much He died for us not  just to deliver us from our sins, but that when we live a redeemed born-again lifestyle that we can once again….(here it comes) walk with God. Jesus Christ came and lived among men. Literally God was walking day by day alongside man. Now that he has ascended into Heaven we walk with Him in spirit (the Holy Ghost), and one day we will walk with Him on streets of gold for eternity.

Now that beats an earthly paradise any day.

So be encouraged, be strong. Know that God not only died for you to remove all that junk building up in you life, but to also renew and reconnect that special relationship between man and Himself. Between you and Him.

Now that is a breathtaking view.


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